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Web site Design

The first step in developing a successful website is identifying your goals. We will meet with you to discuss various aspects of you site. Some important topics include:

Website Analysis & Design Concept

Following the initial consultation, we will create an outline of your site. We will also create a graphic design concept for your site based on any promotional materials you may already have - business card, brochures, etc. We'll send this design to you and discuss any changes you may want. The design will be adapted and resubmited for your final approval.

Website Construction & Development

Once the design concept has been approved, we will begin constructing your website. During this stage, the graphic design concept will be turned into a functioning website. Any materials that you want to be included will be adapted for the internet. Additional features, such as an online product catagory or guestbook will be added to the website. We will ask you to review the site and tell us if you want any changes before the site is posted.

Post Your Website

During the final stage, your web site will be posted. We will also submit your website to search engines. If you require a Content Management System for your site, we will develop a custom system for your site. (Our Content Management System allows you to change the content of your site easily, without having to learn any programming.)

Content Management

The most successful Web sites have new and fresh content on a regular basis. DSSCO.net can perform these services for you. Or if you prefer, we can provide an easy to use interface that allows you to update your own content. But don't worry, we can design it so that none of the sites design, navigation, or core functions can be destroyed by mistake! Our Content Management System (CMS) can be for your entire site or for individual pages. Anyone on your team can quickly learn to use the browser-based interface.

DSSCO.net does not have a set price for web site development. Every site is unique and if we try to fit your site into a 'Web Design Package', we will not be doing you or your organization justice. We look at each site individually in order to give an accurate estimate.

DSSCO.net believes every organization that allows us to assist them in gaining a web presence deserves quality service and our complete attention and focus. We will work with you to insure that your web site is a valuable asset for your organization from the very start.

To help you get stated, we have an online form ( Getting Started ) that you can fill out to give us a basic idea of what you are looking for in a site.

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